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Silent Reading Party

Silent Reading Party

Silent Reading Party


Calling all book lovers!

Silent Reading Parties are popping up all over the country! At a Silent Reading Party, you BYOBook to a set location, get a beverage, find a comfy corner and read your own book for an hour or two in silence, but still in company of others. The hosting business is closed to the public for the duration of a reading party, making sure there is little disruption to our quiet time. Once the quiet reading time ends, everyone is free to have another drink, socialize, talk about your books and meet new friends!

Stay tuned for our next date, coming in August 2019!

Your beverage purchase supports the hosting business and allows Silent Reading Parties to continue, so please come ready to support local. Limited seats are available so please be courteous and only secure the FREE ticket if you are sure you can make it. You may also cancel your order to release your ticket if your plans change so others may have your seat.

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